Life with Avorey #15: Two days into season 39

I sit here…in my office. A 32 oz snapple with in reach. The song “Ten Years Gone By”, by Led Zeppelin playing in the background.

I’m only two days into season 39. I’m sure you’re lost possibly by my statement of ‘season 39’.   On July 11th 2018, I turned 39 years young or old, depending on your take.  And since I was a kid I always thought of life as like a movie or a television show. The major events serving as season finales or mid season finales. Or like the start or end of a huge story arc.

I don’t feel any smarter. I haven’t eaten alphabet soup, and the letters mysteriously slipped me the answer to life. I feel more so grateful to see another year, especially being a black man in today’s society.

The first lesson of being 39 I learned was to look at something old with new eyes. Prime example I’ve had the cd “Latter Days: The best of Led Zeppelin Volume two”, for some years. But I only listened to track 5 (kashmir).

I usually kept The Beatles ‘Love’ Cd in heavy rotation, but for some odd reason last week I took it out. And believe it or it not, I lost it in my car. Like legit I look all over and couldn’t find it anywhere.  And I just needed some good rock just get me hyped. So I usually passed by “The song remains the same”, but this time I sat and listened to it all the way through.

Now here is it a week later. “Ten Years Gone by” seems to be stuck on repeat for me. It just seems to be a theme for me of how I’ve felt every birthday I’ve had since I was 25. Like where the fuck did time go?  “Ten years gone by”, that damn fast. Its like I blinked and BOOM.

This song has really wrapped itself around me in the week I’ve been listening to it, along  with the whole cd. In fact so much, even when I found my Beatles cd, which was hiding in between the seat, I hadn’t switch it out.

So I’m going to try to apply this lesson as much as I can. Looking at something old with new eyes.

Even with my blog, I know I haven’t posted as much as I like. My fire or passion for writing…..I just don’t know. I’m going to try and look at it with a new set of eyes. And we shall take this journey together and see how it turns out. Like “Ten Years Gone By” starts off..


”   Then as it was, then again it will be
And though the course may change sometimes 

Rivers always reach the sea “

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