Life with Avorey #12: Black Panther just isn’t another marvel comic movie.

February 16th was life for a lot of us. Well the 15th, if you got an early screening pass like I did. The buzz for Marvel’s Black Panther has been insane. We as a people came together with excitement to the point we threatened to snitch on any bootleg man, who tried to sell an early copy. lol.

We had all agreed this was a movie we would see in the theater. We would pay that high ass ticket price. All over social media outlets, we agreed to wear clothes to show our pride. To show our love for this epic event.  Not sure if we decided or not if we would or wouldn’t sneak food in though. Much as we loved this movie, we still wasn’t paying 3 bucks for a bag of gummy worms we could get in the hood gas station for seventy-five cents. 🙂

Now I know there are those people who are saying:

Why ya’ll so hyped about Black Panther. He’s not the first black super hero.”

For those of saying the following:  “We got Luke Cage, Falcon, Warmachine, Blade, Storm”

First off Luke Cage is cool, great-he’s a hood legend. Falcon and Warmachine are side kicks. Blade just kills vampires-but is still bad ass. And Storm is a goddess. All great no disrespect to any of them. Yes, Falcon was captain america at one time, and Rhody (Warmachine) was ranked high as hell in the military-but T’Challa is on another level.

Oh and if you said ‘Blankman, Meteor Man, Hancock and Lucius Fox’-just stop and seek help. They’re aren’t even in the damn Marvel Comics Universe.

For those of you with that logic, allow me to be your waiter. Here’s a nice cup of “STFU and let us be great.”

Panther is the only black hero to be king, and rule over his own country. Those two facts alone is why we are cheering. Plus add in the tech of his country surpasses some the great minds of the Marvel Universe including the likes of Reed Richards, Bruce Banner etc.  And plus its finally nice to know that there is someone who ball out more than Tony Stark- humble Bruce Wayne ass even though he is DC comics.

This movie, isn’t JUST a build up for a ten-year journey that Kevin Feige and company has taken us on.  This movie isn’t just another chapter of the cinematic universe, before Thanos comes in like Debo from friday-snatching up infinity stones like gold chains.

What you punks got on my infinity gauntlet.”

If you didn’t think that when you saw Thanos taking infinity gems in that Avengers: Infinity Wars trailer-you have no sense of humor.

This movie as a whole was a movement. It just wasn’t a tie in to build up to infinity wars. This movie made us feel something we haven’t in a long time. Black pride. It made us really say I’m black and proud and mean it. It touched us in ways we haven’t seen our culture touched since the 60’s and 70’s.

This movie touched on so many issues in the black community. The infighting among ourselves, and so many social issues. You’d have to see it, too many to name here.  Michael B. Jordan played the hell out of Killmonger, it was like he channeled his inner 2pac from when he played ‘Bishop’ from “Juice”.

What really hurts is, people trying to clown others for dressing up for the event. I mean no one said shit when others dress up the Star Wars and Lord of the Ring movies. No one said shit about the people who use to dress up for the cult movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

There use to be a movie theater that showed that move every Saturday night where I live. People dressed up for it as characters from that movie, faithfully. They legit would rent out the theater for this. But yet we wrong for coming out in kinte clothe, and posing in front of the cut poster. But we extra for greeting each  other like T’Challa and Shuri do, saying “Wakanda forever”?

Wakanda may not be real. But its in our hearts and souls. We saw what our culture is. Everyday we see in the world what our culture has done. What great achievements we have added to life.  How the greats of black history make Wakanda real in spirit.

This movie only has been out technically two days. And I’ve seen it three times already.  I got an early screen pass on the 15th, saw it opening night on the 16th, and lastly saw again last night. Not gonna lie, in a few hours after church-I’ll see it with my brother and his kids.

Mere words can’t describe how many positive aspects this movie has. In fact, I’ll even be bold enough to say, it raises the bar for ALL Marvel movies now. You can see the director and everyone involved in this project cared. They knew they had to do this Marvel movie justice.

But I digress, because despite how happy we all are. Despite how hard we are smiling and just loving the vibe. No matter how high we riding this-someone is going to ruin it for us. And naw, I don’t mean Debo, -er I mean Thanos when come through the Marvel hood in May snatching infinity chains.

I’m talking about the mass of morons who will say:

“So all ya’ll can come together to support a comic book movie. A work of fiction, a fairy tale.  Just cause it’s mostly an all black cast? Ya’ll can go out in droves and support this but not a movie like ’12 years a slave’.

To those with that mindset, I say this:

Everyday we as blacks or African Americans-if you want to be politically correct, live in a world where we are feared and hated. Basically we live like the “X-Men”.  Irony huh, another Marvel comic book. Hmm makes you think.

Everyday is survival for us, even the simple things like a traffic stop. Everyday, in some sense of the word, we are sort of ‘slaves’- depending on your mindset. We’re all slaves to something in a sense. If it isn’t us gunning ourselves down, being in the wrong neighborhood or cause we fit the description. If its not any of the other dark clouds I mentioned, its something.

We are in a world, where so much happens to our race on a daily its nice to get different twist on things. A different view, besides seeing ourselves portrayed on “Power” or “Empire”.  This movie was a much-needed fresh breath of air, in the ocean of life and society we are drowning in.

So if I’m wrong for rushing out to lose myself for 2 hours and some change in a colorful positive depiction of ourselves. To escape from reality and all its potholes. If I’m wrong or silly for yelling out “Hey dumbass, it’s a marvel movie -you do know its gonna be two secret clips right. Get yo life.”, as those morons leave during the end credits.

If I’m wrong for greeting friends and fellow marvel fans with a hand shake and cross my arms and say, “Wakanda Forever” – I’ll take the L.

I know its a stretch, but maybe we might get that “REVOLUTION” we black folks have had on lay away for a couple generations. Kilmonger had the right idea maybe. Lol

At the end of the day, given how dark the world is-we deserve something to make us feel good.

And for now…thats what Black Panther is doing..

Well you know like til May…when Thanos comes and fucks up everything. lol

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