Life with Avorey #11:To be human is to err, as well as be a hypocrite?

So while they prepare the next chapter of “Dark Chronicles of a Dark Mind”, I wanted to say one thing.

“Was it me or did it seem like January was freaking forever.”

Like it got so bad and long, I was writing ‘January 80th, 2018’ on my checks at the bank. It was like the winter of discontent, with no snow. Every morning walking to my car I would cry ‘rape’, the way the wind molested me. I’m glad January is over-felt like I was reliving it over and over like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”.

By January 10th I felt like I was Laura Winslow-and January was Steve Urkel. I would look at the clock and see 9 am, then it felt like two hours had passed-and it was like 9:05. WTF 😦

But moving right to the whole point of this post.So I was thinking, had a moment where I was lost in thought. And no, before anyone asks I didn’t need a search party to find me. Nor did I have to use google maps.

Anyway, that whole flood situation back in Houston. And everyone wanted to nail Joel Olsteen to a cross because he didn’t open his church doors. I’m not judging or anything, just a curious mind wondering, like a kid who wanders off in the mall full kidnappers.

Time has passed and I’m really wondering, like seriously how many of those people who downed that man-actually attend church.  Like legit how many of them actually ever stepped foot inside a church outside the usually CME members schedule. You know CME, Christmas Mothers Day and Easter.

I think this was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. I mean from what we were told-the church was unreachable for a while. And what if he did let someone in before the church was safe-then someone got hurt. Lawsuits up to ass. Personally I’m not sure, but it seems like there would have been drama either way it went.

And since this incident has transpired, could we or would we call these people hypocrites? Those who conveniently used the bible, as a way to shame him and his actions. When most times their bible sit on the living room table as nothing more than a piece of decor, or cause it just looks nice. (Shrugs) Who knows. Just a question floating around in my head is all.

Just a thought as I stare out my window, hoping it doesn’t snow. Catching up on my weekly TV shows, as I murder time. And desperately count down until the release of “Black Panther.”

So hold tight, and we’ll be back with the next chapter of “DARK CHRONICLES OF A CREATIVE MIND”

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