Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 10)

“Well that escalated quickly”, I say as my head is slammed against the table by Rin.

He holds me down as LJ filters through my pocket, finally producing my wallet.

Alonzo makes a nod with his head, and one of waiters escorts Zoe away as he takes my wallet from LJ.

The head man in charge pulls out my ID, stares at it coldly and then back to me. Suddenly a grin over comes his face as he shakes his head.

“Fucking asshole”, he says motioning for Rin to release me.

Both of his men look at the ID and then at me, then smirk as they sit back down.

Grabbing my wallet and ID, I look myself to find out that the name says ‘Avorey Washington’.

Holding up the plastic and shaking it between my thumb and index finger, I say “This isn’t me. This isn’t my ID.”

They all look at each other and continue to laugh.

“This kid is good”, Rin says. “So let me guess this isn’t your wallet either.”

Sitting down and exhale, I try to make logical sense of this all-but nothing makes sense.

“This is my wallet, and this is my picture-but the name on the ID is wrong.”

Mr. Styles waves his hand summoning a waiter, moments later the server walks off after being given his orders.

“I knew I made the right decision to find you. Even now, you’re sitting and playing out the role to perfection.”, Alonzo says while lighting a cigar.

“Which means he won’t be easy to spill the beans if he’s ever caught.”, Rin adds on after refilling his glass with booze.

LJ is quiet, he turns to me taking a long hard look and only nods in agreement.

“Well I’m sure you’re tired after a long adventure. So with that being said, we all can turn into for the night. And we can do business in the morning. Rin will show you to your room, and a waiter will bring you your meal shortly.”, Alonzo says, standing up adjusting his suit jacket.

All four of us walk to the elevator, Rin escorts me off on the 80th floor as Alonzo stays on with LJ. The floor is dark, except for the light from the elevator behind us. The doors close behind us, and Mr Styles and LJ continue to ride. Rin claps his hands, and suddenly the dark floor comes to life.

It was like a huge studio apartment. Fluorescent lights in the ceiling, shutters on the windows come to life, and move revealing the darkness outside. Upon further inspection I stand in what appears to be a living room area with a huge 90 inch screen television.

My escort hums and makes his way behind the bar, fixing himself a drink-as I continue looking around in amazement.

“Down that hall is a full size kitchen, in case you want any snacks. There’s a mini dining area, big enough for about ten or fifteen people. Over on this side further down is the master bedroom, couple walk in closets. And that bathroom, it is huuuuuge I tell you.  If you ever decided to have a coked out orgy up here-you can get at least three girls in that tub with you.”

Rin continues mixing whatever liquor he can get his hands on as he uses a remote to activate some music. “Ain’t that a kick in the head” by Dean Martin plays as Rin dances from behind the bar holding two drinks.

He hands me one glass as he continues his own person dance to the song.

“Listen kid the sun will be up soon. I gotta get outta here. We’ll talk. Anything you need just pick up the phone and dial the operator. The service is 24 hours. And everything is voice activated.”, he downs his drink in one gulp as he makes his way back to the elevator.

“So what am I supposed to be doing again.”, I ask while downing my drink.

Without turning to face me, he says “Fuck if I know-watch some porn, beat your meat and get drunk til later today when we come back for you.”

Before I can ask any more questions, the elevator arrives. As Rin steps on, a waiter steps off rolling a food cart with him.

The server sets everything up in the living area and smiles as he departs. I’m left alone, with no one except Dean Martin crooning in my ear. I’m too tired to come up with ideas of escaping or trying to investigate anything. The digital clock displays 3 am, as I lift the cover off the plate to reveal a thick juicy well done steak.

Defeated and confused, I sit and begin eating the steak.  I give a voice command for the television to channel search. Exhaling I just accept whatever bullshit I’ve gotten myself into. I stop the channel search on BET and watch a rerun of “Girlfriends”, while Dean Martin softly croons.

I lay back into the leather couch, and sink so far into the leather it feels like it’s hugging me. Eyeing the windows, I can see the office lights of nearby office buildings. I even notice some planes flying through the night sky. My attention focuses on everything within my eye sight-and it’s like a damn dream.

Dean continues to sing about how beautiful his life is going to be with his future wife, while I venture to the bar. I don’t bother with a glass and snatch up a bottle of Jack Daniels. Standing at the window, the people and cars look even smaller. A living breathing electric ant farm is the only thing I can think of as Dean says ‘tell me quick..ain’t a love a kick..in the head.

Silently I agree with him as I fall backwards onto the leather couch and channel surf again.




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