Life with Avorey #10: Closing the year

I sit here alone. In my car in the snow covered parking lot of my job. The CD has just changed from “Come Down” by Bush to “One Woman man” by Dave Holister.

There’s only a few hours left in 17 for some of us. For those of who survived this bitter savage bitch of a year. Think for a moment, like a serious moment of reflection. Think of the mistakes you made? If that lesson shows up again in 18, will you react the same. Think of the friends you have lost due to death or growing apart. Think of the goals you have accomplished.

Are you satisfied with how you performed in this year? How did you do on this journey?

Are you full of resolutions of bullshit that you will likely fall off a month in. Or are you ready to fight. Ready to continue to build the progress you started in 17.

“Swallowed” by Bush plays in the background as I write this. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not making any resolutions. I’m just gonna continue on this journey of self discovery. Exploring the dark and gritty side of myself. The sides we like to hide from the judgemental eye of our peers. Introducing the unapologetic side of me to the world.

I’ve given up on setting dating goals. Dreams of grandeur of getting married and having kids. But I’m open to the adventures i’ll come across. And I’m sure when my wife is done doing what ever she is doing-God or the universe will have us cross paths.

For now I’m attempting to live. Live for a lotta things. Live for a better relationship with God.

So my advice to you for 2018. What ever drove you mad in 17. Let it go.

The heartache the disappointment etc.

In 18 I’m seeking peace. Peace by any means. Peace in any form.

A piece of pie..piece of cake..piece of chi ken..piece of pussy..piece of steak. But mainly piece of mind.

Good luck to you in the new year and your journey.

Ps: thank you all for who continue to read my blog.

Dark chronicles of creative mind chapter 10 will be up soon.

Happy new year

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