Life with Avorey #8: THAT Friend

I’ve come to this particular road sign, while traveling on this high way I call my life. It’s a sign that I’ve seen number of times. And I nodded at it and kept cruising. I mean I never saw it as an issue. But the more I cruised along. The more I saw it.

I’ve been labeled in my mass group of friends as ‘THAT FRIEND’.  I have no inkling of what the hell that means.  And when I ask people to get educated on that phrase. I’m usually met with laughter and the statement “Oh you’re that friend. Damn.”

I don’t know what bothers me more-the fact that I’m ‘that friend’, and have no idea what that means. Or the fact I’m a rather weird awkward introvert with lots of friends. But strangers things have happen right? I mean look at the state of the government and rap music. J  Look at the current events in Hollywood.

And for those of you comic book fans who are reading this, I even been compared to Wade Wilson. Deadpool is his name for those of your non comic readers reading this. And as nuts as he is-I don’t have any issue with being compared to him.

But this ‘ you’re that friend huh’. Bothers the hell out of me, because no one has told me what that means. And it goes beyond being the ‘funny friend’. Or the ‘brash borderline rude-shoot from the hip’ friend.  Like literally people have sized me up and down with a laugh, and with a smirk and said with such shock and delight.

I’ve been called ‘witty’, wierd, ‘this fucking guy’, ‘asshole’. And even ‘dork’ which is only reserve for my ‘wifey’ (close friend) Lana. :P. lol

I guess this is one of those unsolved mysteries huh? The only reason it even ate at me today, is because after an exchange of banter between me and my cousin, I was inboxed by a stranger. And they started talking to me. And after a 5 min convo, they said that magic phrase –“Ohh. Lol you’re that friend.”

But if any of know what this means…Please let me know.


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