Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 8)

First off welcome back to the blog. I want to sincerely thank all 1,516 of who follow and read. Truly you are a blessing. I never intended to have this many people reading into my soul and thoughts. Your support is very much appreciated. And I hope to continue keeping you entertained.

Secondly shoutout to my friend Zoya. Thank you for the constant encouragement and help. Please people check out her “Addicted to a Savage” series now on Amazon.com

And without further delay…..we continue with Chapter 8 of “Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind


We stopped by Panera Bread on East Congress Parkway and grabbed some food.  And at the ladies request LJ dropped us off at Buckingham Fountain. He parked and sat with the limo not far away, while the two of us grabbed a park bench and ate.

It was always beautiful at night to see the light show. The Buckingham Flower Garden was a bit crowded for my liking. People eating, talking and wandering around as if life was simple. As if coming to see this landmark fountain spray water over colored lights, would add some light to the darken part of their existence.

Hmm. Ok maybe I’m being over dramatic. Pretty sure if I did a count of how many people were part of a murder this evening-I’d be the only one raising their hand. And on top of that, I wind up in the back of a limo, belonging to what appears to be a famous author. With whom I’m here-in the park eating with as if we were old acquaintances. Again, I’m with another stranger, hopefully this doesn’t wind up as adventurous as most of this day has been.

The sky is clear I can see a full moon. Looking to the left of me, I can see and hear cars honking their horns and speeding down South Columbus Drive. Beyond that, the Congress Hotel neon sign glows a bright red on top of the “The Congress Plaza Hotel”.

Turning my attention to the right of me, I see more people in the park walking to the nearby café. Observing a little further, I could see South Lake Shore Drive was going through the same traffic madness South Columbus Drive was.

Eating the last of my sandwich I look over and see her staring at me. The evening breeze subtly plays with her hair, brushing a small strand in her face. Those dark mysterious eyes of hers were piercing a hole through me. Her lips were perfect like that of a china doll covered in burgundy lipstick. Not a muscle on her face moved, she didn’t even blink.

 I might as well have been illiterate-cause I couldn’t read her at all. Sipping her coffee, she eyes me up and down-before turning her focus to the colorful fountain.

“So you’re the big deal my husband is all in a fit about. Funny you don’t look like much”, she says while staring straight ahead.

“Who’s your husband? And what is it I’m supposed to be doing for him.”

Laughing as she turns to me, “Come on stop playing dumb-you don’t have to do it on my account. Really my feelings aren’t hurt. Well at least not anymore.”


“Call me Zoe. When you say ma’am sounds like you talking to a grandma.”

“Zoe, help me out here, I have no idea of what I’m wanted for. Or even who your husband is.”

Twisting her lips at me and rolling her eyes she takes another sip of her coffee. She’s about to say something, when a group of people recognize her. They excitedly approach her and ask for pictures.  One fan is completely talkative, she goes on and on about how she loved her books. Zoe throws her hair back and laughs, I can tell by her body language she’s nervous-but she fights through it.

She signs a few autographs as she answers questions and chats with her fans. A few more people in the park notice the mini commotion and venture over out of curiosity. And then more, and more and more people arrive. Before long, she’s posing with people like a photo shoot. She’s signing autographs like she’s a main attraction at a comic con.

Her phone rings and she answers it, she graciously excuses herself from the small adoring mob. After giving a few one word answers, she hangs up. She stares at me with authority, if looks could kill –someone would be doing my eulogy now.

Graciously she turns her attention back to her adoring fans. Not missing a beat, she takes a few more photos.  One fan goes live from their social media account. She takes this opportunity to get a few more asses in the seats.

“Everyone, it was nice meeting you-unfortunately I have to leave”, she says with a sad face. Her fans begin to mumble. “But if you like, we can continue over at Barnes and Knoble up the street. I was in the middle of a book signing there-and only came here to get a break. And I love the fountain at night, so if you care to drop by. Yes even you watching right now. I’ll be there until they close tonight at ten.”

The crowd smiles, as she walks away. She begins her stride toward the direction of South Columbus Drive, and stops mid-way, looks in my direction-with a raised eye brow. That was my silent cue to move my ass.

With a hurried pace, I catch up to her. LJ’s already waiting at the back door open of the limo. We enter the limo, and LJ shuts the door.

“Fuck fuck fuck”, she says as she shakes.


She damn near knocks me out the way to get to the mini bar. Pours herself a glass of liquid courage. Empties the glass, and refills it.

“No matter how many times it happens, I’ll never get use to the fact of people walking up to me asking for my picture or autograph.”

I pour myself a glass, “But you’re a famous writer.”

A snarl dwells on her face as she throws back another shot, “Apparently not famous enough if you’re here.”

“What”, I ask completely confused.

She begins to make her way pass me, as the limo abruptly stops. We collide into one another, winding up on the limo floor. In a desperate attempt both get up we get in each other’s way, knocking over a few bottles of liquor.

As I attempt to get up, her knee lodges itself in my chest. She pulls a pocket knife from the shaft of her boot, making a threat without speaking.

“You know I could end you right here and now. And no one would ever know the difference. My word versus yours”, she says while resting the blade on my jugular.

“Lady it wouldn’t be your word against mine….cause I’d be dead.”

After a moment of deciding if she was about to cut me or not, she moves back to her original seat by the passenger side door.

Sitting up I rub my chest, and run my hands along my neck where her blade had dwelled.

“Fucking savages”, I say under my breath.

She looks at me oddly, “What did you say?”

“You and Rin……. fucking savages. All of you people. You guys kidnap me and hold me hostage for whatever reason. Who does shit like that? Rin pissing on people and burying them alive. You threaten to slash my throat cause of some beef with your husband that I don’t know shit about. And I still don’t know what your husband wants with me. Savages the whole gang of you.  Pure fucking savagery.”

Zoe stares at me. Her face emotionless, then it happens. She bursts into laugher. Uncontrollable laughter.  The kind of laughter that makes you throw your head back and lose your breath.

“Wasn’t shit I said funny lady.”

The limo stops again, we’re in front of the bookstore. Her long line of adoring fans still there waiting, it even looks like more may have shown up. Pointing outside the window as she continues to laugh. She directs my attention to the sign with her picture on it. I finally see why she’s laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

The sign reads:

Tonight only meet the best-selling author

“Empress Zoe” author of ‘Addicted to a Savage’.

Swearing to myself as I finally get the sick joke.

“So you think I’m a savage?” she asks sarcastically.

“Yes, but I guess now the better question is who’s more of a savage.”

“When it comes to who? Me and my husband?”

I fix myself another drink, “Yes”

LJ opens the limo door, she waves to her public. The darkness and nervousness that surrounded her spirit was gone now. If you didn’t witness it, you wouldn’t believe that side of her existed the way she’s smiling and speaking to everyone. She turns to me again as she’s half way out the limo.

“To answer your question truthfully. Who’s more of a savage between Alonzo and myself? It really depends on the venue. We talking board room, public settings, bedroom or in these streets.”

Her eyebrow raises, and she runs her tongue along her teeth and winks at me as she finishes her statement. And just like that she was gone, LJ slams the limo door close. I watch her work the crowd like a pro as she goes back into the bookstore.


To be continued……………


One thought on “Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 8)

  1. I can’t wait for the the next part!!!!!! I can’t wait!! I don’t even know what else to say… Im so excited. Okay first let me just say that Avorey writes so effortlessly. Every character is a character you imstantly want to know more about. The detail, the humor, the story line…everything is amazing!!!!


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