Life with Avorey #6: Music Reflections

Today I wandered out of my cage. I roamed the coarse crowded jungle. Danger at every turn in search of game to consume.


Ok. Translation. I left my office, and walked around the college campus I work at. And I took a walk over to the campus cafeteria. So while I waited for my egg, green pepper, cheese, bacon and sausage gravy covered breakfast burrito- I heard a song.  A familiar song that took me back to childhood.

That song was “Reflections” by Diana Ross and the Supremes. And at that moment I was taken back to my childhood. Taken back to laying on a carpeted floor, in front of a huge floor model old school television. You know the kind that had that loud knob, that made noise when you turned it.  And if you turned it too fast, your parent would fuss at you about breaking their tv. Eventually the inevitable happened, you broke the knob-and got whooped. Now you have sold your soul, and have to be the kid to turn the tv  with a pair of pliers anytime your parents call.

Anyway, that song took me back to the days when I was kid watching the show “China Beach”. Don’t know if I was the only one who had a crush on Dana Delany. Meh, I chalk up to being a ‘weird’ kid. I loved shows like this and L.A. Law and Moonlighting.

It’s amazing how music has this way of coming on and taking you back to some of the most oddest times in  your life. A real good classic song, will move you. Just not the lyrics or simply the beat. But a really good song-has lyrics and a beat that will literally dance with your soul. I can’t say the same about that many songs in this day and age.

Ever notice how any person, will hear a jam on the radio and suddenly stop whatever they are doing. They close their eyes and snap their fingers. The expression on their face looks like they just smelled something awful-but then they start singing and grooving. And yell out “Oh that’s my jam”,  “Cut that up that’s my shit”.  Or God forbid, you’re with your parents-and they both start dancing. And your father says something nasty like “Watch out now, this song is the reason you made it into this world.”   I recall, according to my father its a number of songs that are the cause of me coming to fruition.

The next song that came on was “Uptight” by Stevie Wonder. That took me back to the days of sprawling my moms records out on the living room floor. Listening to the “songs in the key of life” album.  My favorite song on that record was “Sir Duke”.

But hearing Stevie’s voice took me back to the time I lip synced “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” to a girl. Everyone thought it was cute and funny, didn’t land me the girl though. In fact she took a name tag, and wrote ‘return to sender’  and put it on my forehead.  That was during my ‘Urkel chases Laura on family matters’ phase.  I hear that same girl is now 37 with 5 kids, divorced and bitter at men. lol.

But yea, music. The fuck happen to it these days.


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