Life With Avorey #7: What is Love?

  What is love? (sings) Baby don't hurt don't hurt more... Yeah, that usually is the joke people tend to do after that question is asked. We all remember that song from the 90's. And we all remember that SNL (saturday night live) skit called "Night at the Roxbury".  Which led to the … Continue reading Life With Avorey #7: What is Love?

Life with Avorey #6: Music Reflections

Today I wandered out of my cage. I roamed the coarse crowded jungle. Danger at every turn in search of game to consume. (pause) Ok. Translation. I left my office, and walked around the college campus I work at. And I took a walk over to the campus cafeteria. So while I waited for my … Continue reading Life with Avorey #6: Music Reflections