Life with Avorey #5:

An Outsider among Outsiders: NERD GROUPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA/ SOCIETY/CULTURE (If you read my blog, please feel free to share and leave comments. On ANYTHING I post. Be the ongoing story "dark chronicles" or the silly commercial commentaries known as "life with avorey".  I WANT to know what you guys are thinking. Don't let me … Continue reading Life with Avorey #5:

Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 7)

  I hear the garble of music and radio station static. The sensation of warm leather against my face. The sound of a never-ending humming, as glasses clink together. Horns honking, tires screeching-bits and pieces of broken conversation. More horn honking, and a few clever colorful strung together vulgar swears. Stirring slowly I open my … Continue reading Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 7)