Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 6)

First shout out to Mr. Conrad Kushman and his EPW podcast.


Check him out folks.

And for those of you into roleplaying and playing the wwe 2k wrestling franchise in a fair play league on the playstation 4. Please check out XGW. Best E-fed around. 10 plus years of good fun.


or just ‘google’ XGW

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Special shout to: Nelson Bala and Phillip Timms


“Come on Tinkerbell, put your back into it”, yelled Rin.

Sunny and myself looked at each other. He eyed me as if I could do anything to help with this situation we were in.

We drove for what seemed like forever, or maybe it wasn’t – I had a black bag on my head. And all I could hear was the EPW podcast on the radio-fortunately. The host Conrad Kushman, continued to ask the XGW champion Phillip ‘Ice man’ Timms what he was going to do against his challenger Nelson ‘so official’ Bala, in a steel cage match.

As usual the ‘ice man’ skated around the questions, and asked the host when was the last time he was relevant? He asked him when he was going to come out of retired and get back in the ring.  I got to secretly laugh at the champs antics, and didn’t have to ride in the trunk like Sunny did.

In case this is your first time reading, let me catch you up. I woke up tied to a chair, no idea where I am. Two goons, and their boss have me hostage-still with no explanation of why me of all people. Oh, and so I ride with the two goons-to one of their houses. Did I mention we catch his wife cheating? And even more, is the fact that music was playing in the background and no one heard it but me. So everything sounds like some sick urban R Kelly musical from hell. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I think that’s about it. Oh wait sorry-the most important fact, we’re about to kill the dude that was cheating with one of the two goons wife who kidnapped me. I think that about covers everything.

“Hey Sunny-you made your bed, and now you have to lay in it. And I’m going to be honest son, if I were you I would make it plenty comfortable cause you’re gonna be in there a while. Like fucking forever by infinity and some change”, Rin struts around huge hole with a grin.

Did I mention, that I’m digging a grave with Sunny. We’ve been at it for what seems like forever-although LJ assures me it’s only been an hour. The grave was about 6ft deep, and but it wasn’t that wide-we kept occasionally bumping into each other.

Before we got this deep in, I looked around. Seemed we were in some forest preserve or possible camp ground. Given that it was dark, and outside the flash lights Rin and LJ had-and the car headlights it was dark.

“Hey, I think that’s good enough. Time is getting away from us”, LJ said to Rin. Rin shoots him a dirty look because clearly this was infringing upon his fun.

“Well I suppose since mother Superior says time is up-guess it’s time we get a move on”, Rin says as he and LJ both extend their hands to me to pull me up.

Looking at Sunny one last time, I’m not sure how I should feel. I could read the emotion on his face. It was like watching ‘confusion’, ‘anger’ and ‘fear’ have an orgy.

It’s a common known fact, that men in dire situations do desperate things. Very true, so why should this be any different.

Before I make it out the grave, my spine and Sunny’s shovel are introduced. That’s probably one introduction I could have lived without. As I struggle through this new form of pain, Sunny tosses dirt in the eyes of Rin and LJ. And with everything he begins to struggle to climb out the 6 foot grave. With the little fight he had left in him-I guess he said he wasn’t going out like this.

As for me I lay in the grave twitching in pain and swearing. Gun shots ring out, along with the shouting of Rin cursing Sunny. My back is on fire, feels like I’m getting a massage from Satan himself. Rolling to my side eases the pain, moments later I’m able to make it to all fours.

As I attempt to stand up, I’m knocked back down. They had caught Sunny, worked him over pretty bad-and then tossed him back in the grave. One of his eyes was swollen shut, lip busted. Looking in his one good eye I could see the lights were on but no one was home, yet he was still fighting. It was pure survival instinct.

“Can you believe that, he actually made us run. And we almost lost his ass dark as it is out here. He tried to camouflage himself in the night”, Rin says rather winded. “Hell that sounds all poetic and shit don’t it.  ‘He tried to conceal himself with the darkness of the night.  He tried to become one with that good night.

I can hear Rin laughing at his joke, mocking that if being a criminal didn’t work out he could be a poet. LJ shakes his head at his friend’s ignorance, as I stare Sunny in his one functioning eye.

“You going to climb out of there kid, or do you wanna be roommates.”

Shifting my weight I attempt to get off all fours. He lunges at me grabs my throat, tries to choke the life out of me. A gun shot rings out, catches Sunny in the leg-he releases me. Turning around I see LJ, still aiming-as Rin offers me a helping hand out the grave.

I begin pacing to shake off the final stage of pain from my shovel shot, while running my hands along my throat. LJ and Rin have begun to toss dirt in on Sunny. LJ as usual is silent, his face once again wearing no emotion. His partner in crime Rin, whistles ‘I’ve been working on the railroad’.

LJ grunts at me, nods his head at the third shovel. Without hesitation I grab the shovel and begin tossing dirt in on Sunny as well. The man knocking on heaven’s door, still tries to fight. Struggling to stand on one good leg, attempting to climb out. Rin kicks at his hands, making him lose his grip. When that didn’t work, he nailed him a few times in the head with his shovel. But Sunny kept fighting to get out.

We had packed in enough dirt up to his knees, he was winded and was losing blood. There was only so much fighting he could do with one eye, one leg and probably a concussion.  For a moment I felt some kind of way, digging the shovel into the earth-I stood there in silence. The other two continued filling the hole like nobody’s business, until Rin notice I wasn’t helping.

“Is your shovel broken young man” Rin asks sarcastically. “Because if it is, I can always give you mine and I can use my dick to toss my fair share of dirt in.”

The dirt was up to Sunny’s waist at the moment, he laid against one side of the grave-as Rin and me talked.

“I thought you said you were going to drown him. This is pure insane slow torture. Put him out his misery”, I say griping the handle of my shovel.

Rin laughs his ass off, and aggressively rams his shovel into the dirt. LJ looks at me with a smirk, as he continues to toss dirt in on Sunny.

“Is that all you worried about little man. Because I said I was going to drown him-and instead I’m burying him alive? Kid you got to be shitting me? I’ve never seen someone with ethics when it comes to murder”, Rin bends over in laughter at me.

“Don’t even killers have a code of honesty or something”, I ask.

Rin begins to unzip his pants. “Sure sure kid you’re right. I promised him a swim-and that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to make sure I’m a man of my word. Can’t kill a man, and have him in the afterlife blabbing to God that I didn’t kill him the way I said I was going to.”

He continues on ranting and making jokes about what I had said, as he urinates on a defeated Sunny. This is a game to him, he makes sure to add further insult by making sure he gets him a few times in his good eye. The sound of that man howling in pain because his eye was burning from urine and dirt was music to Rin’s ears.

Rin continues, “..the last thing I want is this man dragging my name through the mud to St. Peter at the gate-and any other fucker in line with him in purgatory.  I mean hell, I want to make a good first impression on everyone when I get there. I want them see this charming face and smile-and say ‘Hey-he may be a nut job-but he’s a got a heart of gold. I can really rely on a guy like ol’ Rin. He said if I fucked him over, he would cut my throat-and by golly that’s just what he did. He was a man of his word.'”

Once he’s done-he pulls up his pants, and looks at me.  My face was full of disgust and angst. Rin walked over to me, pulled out his gun, held it to my head.

“Now it’s your turn, go head. Make sure he has plenty to swim around in.”

Reluctantly, I do as I’m told-I at least attempt to keep my aim on the dirt.

“HA, now it’s a fucking pool party kids”, Rin says as we all continue to shovel dirt in the hole.

With my eyes closed I toss dirt in. I was in a zone, I wanted this to be over with.  My arms ached, the pain in my back begin to ignite again. I felt like this nightmare was on a never-ending loop. The more I tried to figure things out, or even get a grip on what was going on-something else messed up would happen. And I found myself back at one like Brian McKnight.

Suddenly my shovel was snatched away. Opening my eyes, the deed was done-it was over. I had been in such a frenzy I had started digging another minor hole. Rin stands there smiling a million dollar smile, twirling my shovel in hand like a baton.

“Well now, that that’s over. Its nap time son.”

I flinch, throwing my hands up and bracing myself for the coming shovel shot.

“I’m not gonna hit you”, says Rin “The fuck kind of insane person do you take me for me. I’m not inhumane.”

Before I could answer, I felt a handkerchief cover my mouth and nose. I tried to fight it, but I was in a choke hold from behind. LJ had gotten me from behind. And for him to be so thin and scrawny he had a grip like a killer dog.  Chloroform would be the culprit to knock me out this time. The last thing I see and hear as I’m fading like the sun, is Rin singing me a nursery rhyme as he playfully waves at me.

“Sweet dreams kiddo.”

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