Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 5)

The music begins to build up to what seems to be a huge crescendo. All of us are sweating, our eyes focused on the door- breathing is heavy. LJ is the first to see who’s on the other side. The cold serial killer facial expression on LJ was different now. He lowers the gun quickly and hides it behind him.

To my surprise moments later, a rather short person walks in. It’s a little boy, a rather pudgy big hook head looking child. He stands there holding his blanket, dressed in what use to be an onesie. His sleeping attire looked to like it fit rather snug. The arms and the legs of his p.j.’s had been cut off long ago. Oh hell who am I kidding-if they wanted to, his rolls of fat could call the cops on the onesie for domestic abuse it was so tight on him.

The little pudgy kid, looks around at everyone-as they relax and see there’s no danger. He adjusts his glasses as he stares at me through prescription windshields. This was still all to odd to me. B

By now I had given up on the music playing in the background. I accepted that I was the only one hearing “Trapped in the Closet” by R. Kelly. And was working on accepting that I was in some dark musical.

I say, “Who’s this fat little midget staring me down.”

“Talk about my kid again you clown. And I’ll put you where you won’t be found”, says Josephine.

Rin steps in, “ Alright everyone shut up and calm down.”

Rin puts on a million dollar smile as he kneels down to one knee.

“Hey little fella, what you doing up so late.”

The little boy responds, “Couldn’t sleep dad. So I got up and got a snack, and ate.

Tilting his head, Rin says, “Now I thought we said no late night snacks-we’re watching your weight.”

I chimed in while laughing, “By the looks of it-that arrangement it was all based on lies. If he watching his weight, then he must be blind in both eyes.”

Apparently I had crossed the line-Josephine flew across the bed, in an attempt to attack me. She stopped in her tracks when Rin jumped in her path.

Suddenly we hear heavy breathing, similar to snoring. All our eyes turn to the kid.

LJ says, “ Did he fall asleep?”

Josephine replies, “ He’s wide awake-just has a breathing problem you creep.”

Rin signals for LJ to take the kid back to the room. Sunny sits motionless in the corner watching everything transpire. Josephine meanwhile sits on the edge of the bed. As Rin once points his gun toward Sunny’s head.

LJ returns moments later, as Rin tells Sunny to put his clothes on gets his belongings together. We march him at gun point downstairs, as Rin and Josephine argue in the bedroom.

Standing in the brisk night air, I roll my eyes as I still hear the music playing. Sunny leans against the car, as LJ and myself stand not to far with guns drawn on him. Looking up and down the block I notice we’re in a upscale swanky like area.

I ask LJ where we are, he tells me Lincoln Park. Should’ve been able to tell I was somewhere expensive by the look of Rin’s home. Rin comes out moments later with a devious grin.

“Well Sunny, looks like we’re going for a ride”, says Rin.

“Listen man-whatever she told you. I swear she lied”, Sunny replied.

“Figured you’d say that-dead men will say anything to save their own hide.”

Rin, motions for me to open the trunk. “Go on, chocolate drop get inside.”

Sunny reluctantly climbs inside, and Rin slams the trunk closed.  Once we get in the car, LJ tells me to put the black cloth bag back over my head. With no argument I do it-cause last thing I want to do is end up where I think Sunny is about to.


To be Continued…

I apologize for the delay in this story. I’ve been out me wick of late.


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