Life with Avorey #4: A new chapter begins

The lights in the movie theater come up, and the audience is confused and begins to mumble among themselves.  The gentleman who came out in a flannel shirt and a tie earlier, which seemed so long ago-appears on stage.

He looks around for a microphone, and one slowly drops down over head.

Clearing his throat.

” Today is the day is in which I came to be. One night my parents got horny, did whatever-and a 9 months later I came to be. And that day was July 11th.  So, for those of you wonder -yes the film will continue. It’s just at this moment, I’m having a moment of self-reflection. A moment of unclear clarity. I just turned 38 today. Someone asked me did I feel any different. Did I feel anything at all. And I thought for a moment. The inner child me thought of it like a video game. Like when you power up, or get a new power-there’s bright light and you feel it.  Well I been waiting since I turned 30-to get something or feel something. I mean unless you count life lessons of what not to do as powering up. If that’s the case, then I have powered up plenty.

But even with all the powering up one can do. There are just some levels, I’m just not powerful enough to beat or gain some calm mastery over. Other parts of the game, I’ve more than mastered and I’m done beyond well. So  I stand here at 38 years of age, with no real difference. Not feeling this glow, like from the last dragon everyone speaks of about when you age.

I stand before you, some what sane (thank God)and striving to learn to be able to deal with things that I have no control over in life. I stand before you just as confused as I was yesterday. Still wishing and hoping for that ‘blue’ or ‘red’ pill people always speak of. I stand here still feeling the same tiredness about some situations as I did 24 hours ago. I still stand here with the same frustration about the fickleness of dating in this age. I stand here silently screaming with no one listening. And eventually that voice may fade, like memories of senior citizen who suffers from dementia. But at the end of the day-all that matters is that I’m still standing.   Right?

So with that being said. We shall continue with our movie. Thank you.”

The audience doesn’t know what quite to make of this. A slow lonely clap starts, as he exits the stage.



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