I was heavily active on facebook today. And for weeks now. I been viewing things. And having conversations with a special friend about it. Laughing and scratching my head at some of the posts. It’s interesting to see some people post some statuses. The main things I always come across are religious posts, posts of inspirations, angry posts about relationships ending or the classic tear jerker about a kid being bullied or beating the odds health wise.

The silliest ones are broken-hearted people who type “#team single”. Maybe I’m reading into it too much. But that’s a contradiction. How the fuck are you a team, yet single?

Or you see the one guy fresh out of a break up-in a club setting. You know the kind who tries to take a selfie around as many attractive women as possible. Trying to make it look like he knows them and is having a good time.

Or how about the Photoshop fails. I recall seeing someone paste a picture of themselves on a set of airplane stairs like they were walking up them. Or the ones with people cropping themselves with celebs. Yet funnier still are photos of some people with their grand parents. I don’t mean the healthy grand parents, smiling and happy. No I mean the huddled up ones with faces of fear, that look like they about a two more breathes before they going over yonder. The people throwing up gang signs with granny, but granny aint gangsta-she just got arthritis.

But the main ones are religion.  You see an uplifting spiritual quote by someone, and five minutes later-a hood fight video with someone screaming ‘world star’. lol.

On another you see club photos of the provocative variety, only because 10 minutes ago them and bae broke up. And she big mad. lol. Its always been odd to me that it takes a broken heart, and a few out-of-wedlock kids to get some people to go to church. And to actually get their life together.

This is no form of judgement, just comical observations. Hell no one is perfect, nowhere near it.  To be honest, I’m embracing my flaws-and learning to deal with them. The ones I can change I work on. The ones I can’t I accept, pray on it and ask for strength. And in between it all-HE (God) sends a bit of irony my way to laugh at. Or write about, I’m not quite sure yet. There are times I call HIM on the main line-and I’m put on hold. And well sometimes, certain short comings can be character building and hilarious.

But I’m getting better at just sitting in silence. Silence use to be a friend of mine, we’ve been some what estranged over the years. But we visit from time to time. And when I sit in silence and scroll-its like watching a movie honestly.

The groups, be it secret or public are even more hilarious. The funniest by far as the Marvel vs Dc arguments in comic book and super hero groups. The secret adult sex groups are a whole other topic of humor.

Then there are those who use facebook as a personal diary. They let you in on the personal events of their life. From every celebration to tragedy. I once saw someone post asking for prayer cause they were a bit constipated. And 20 minutes later ask that if anyone was in their area, could they bring them some toilet paper. (hangs head)

There’s nothing more confusing than seeing an inspiration post in the afternoon. Or even a post about ‘I’m done with the fuck boys’, from someone. And you get happy, because maybe you’re that friend that has to hear all about the messed up relationship in wee hours of the night. And you’re happy, because maybe this person can get some closure and move on.  Then you get a phone call or a text 3 hours later with them angry cause they foolishly gave that person a chance. lol

Or how about the guys who foolishly get on fb live, bragging about whatever illegal activities they do. And then 6hrs later you seem them being apprehended as the top story of the night. lol.

Lastly you have people who that take every status they post as serious. Like some people find a little religion and lose their sense of humor. They will stand on a status and demand respect-if you crack wise. But can’t get any respect from anyone in life offline. And will shake that cyber finger at your with a threaten to block.  Interesting to say the least.

I’ve come to see facebook is an illusion. It’s a one stop and shop for all your comedic drama needs. It’s like an emotional verbal Wal-Mart online. Just walk down aisles, and you’ve eventually see something you need. Or in this case scroll down the time lines.

Facebook is a pure gold mind for writers. Its even more fun, if you know the story behind said status. Nothing like seeing someone post about how great their relationship/marriage is at 2pm. And you get a message at 2:05 talking about how they’re going to cheat. (scratches head)

Well I’m done for now. The little guy behind the camera is waving his hand at me. Telling me its time to get back to the movie now in progress.  Until next time.


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