Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 4)

No words are spoken. Everyone is frozen in place like a game of freeze tag. It was so quiet Hellen Keller could hear a pin drop. My eyes moved in a triangle formation. From the back of Rin, to the face of the man in bed-and then to the shocked woman in bed.

A light skin woman, who appeared to be in her late thirties. Although she was naked, you could tell she was covered in embarrassment and shame. She scoots back in the bed, leans against the headboard covering herself.

Her partner in crime was a dark chocolate individual. Bald, no facial hair-somewhat muscular. You could tell he use to work out, but sort of let himself go.

LJ closes the bedroom doors as Rin paces back and forth. He paces back and forth in front of the bed, letting his bat drag and snag the carpet. Momentarily he pauses and points his finger at the woman, opens his mouth-but nothing comes out. Both parties attempt to speak, but he shoots them looks of death.

He repeats this routine of pacing and dragging the bat about ten times. Then it happens. Of all the things to happen at this moment. Looking around, I begin to lightly hear music playing. I move closer to LJ-I ask him does he hear it. Staring at me like I was crazy, he tilts his head with a smirk.

Taking a deep breath I roll my eyes, rub my hands against my face. Moments later I begin to hear the instrumental to R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”. My eyes go to a motionless Rin, his baseball bat resting on his broad shoulders.

“Oh shit tell me this isn’t about to happen. Damn it, I hear music-that means more of this singing again” I say in a sing-song voice on key.

Everyone looks at me like I lost it. Shaking my head, I wave to Rin to proceed.

“So what the hell is going on in my home. Someone better open their mouth, for this bat goes up someone’s dome.”

The guilty parties look at each other, before she speaks up.

“First off let me get my blouse. Then you can tell me, who’s this stranger you have in my house”, she says.

Rin laughs and looks back at us-shocked at her attempting to call shots.

“Actually I was about to ask you same thing. Last time I checked we was married according this ring”, Rin replies waving his hand in the air.

I stand there listening to them go back and forth. The instrumental of ‘Trapped in the Closet’ still playing in the background. In fact it’s actually gotten louder.

No one can hear it up but me. Not a single soul, noticing how they are speaking in song. Back and forth, every line rhyming with the next-like a sick, dark, and twisted musical.

Her arguments of him not spending time with the family. Giving minor details about how she met the party in bed with her. The whole entire time, the dark skin man sat in the bed-not a single word to be said.

Rin turns to the man, “You awful quiet for a man that’s about to be dead. And would mind getting up, that’s my side of the bed.” Rin pulls out his gun-and the barrel is aimed at the strangers head. “Oh defiant until the end-just fuck what I said.”

“We caught, sorry nothings running through my head. I mean, I’m sitting scared Mister-what do you want me to say ‘gee your wife gives great head”, replies the dark skin man as he removes himself from the bed.

Rin cocks the gun, as the lady jumps up to defend her love.

“Stop it Rin, I’m sorry-just don’t hurt Sunny”, the light skin lady screams.

I can’t control my laughter, a deep knee slapping one escapes from me.

Rin turns to me angry. Eyes filled with fires of hades.

“I’m sorry son, did I miss the joke? What’s so damn funny.”

Straightening up I say, “Well the fact he’s dark as hell-and his name is ‘Sunny’. He so black when he walks by charcoals they call him daddy, I can bet you any money.”

LJ starts snickering and shoves me, “That’s not even funny.”

Rin looks over at both of us trying to contain our laughter. We quickly change our facial expressions.

“Listen Mister”, says Sunny. “I think this is all a mistake. Couldn’t we sit down like men and discuss this over steak?”

“Sounds like a plan, me and my boys like steak. But I got question Sunny-can you swim that info would be great”, asks Rin.

“Well I’m a bit rusty, but as kid my family use take me to the lake.”

“Sunny that’s good to know, in fact that’s great. Cause before the night is done, I promise you’ll be at the bottom of a lake.”

The anger in Rin begins to surface more and more. He aims the pistol, but can’t get a good shot with his wife in the way. She continues to act as a human shield for her secret lover.

“Rin, please stop-we can all talk-no one has to get hurt”, she screams.

“That’s a damn lie Josephine, you’re naked-move get a shirt. There’s no way this can end without him getting hurt. You in my house sinning and doing dirt.”

“But baby, hear me out-this all can work.”

Rin sighs deeply, “You better move Jiggles, before you get this work.”

Once again, I get caught up in the moment and another giggle escapes my lips.

Rin turns to me and says, “What the fuck was that?”

I say, “Sorry Rin, didn’t wanna laugh-but it’s just that. You called her ‘Jiggles’, when her chest and butt is flat. I see more curves just by looking at the end of your baseball bat.”

Sunny starts laughing, “I’m sure glad someone else said that. Cause it’s a rather known fact. Baby I use to wonder how you got that name, every time I hit it from the back.”

The tension in the room just went up a hundred degrees. Rin walks toward the lovers, they both slide down to their knees. While LJ’s right hand firmly has a grip on me, he tells me not to make another sound.

“I’m glad everyone’s getting a laugh at this betrayal. Are you going to still be laughing during the farewell?”

Rin gets closer, his gun barrel burrowing in Sunny’s temple. Josephine still pleading for his life, spewing out solutions for this situation to end on a note that’s simple.

Rin shouts, “Shut up I can’t take any more.”

But before he can finish, there’s a knock and voice at the bedroom door. Everyone, even Rin suddenly gets quiet. There’s more knocks and a voice I can barely make out. Rin looks kind of strange, his eyes begin to squint.

LJ approaches the door, as a series of steady knocks occur. The door knob wobbles rather violently and the light knocking becomes more aggressive. Sunny and Josephine, cower together in the corner still under the supervision of Rin’s gun.

Completely lost, and not knowing what to expect-I look around for a weapon. My search produces nothing. LJ leans his head against the door, trying to make out the voice over the steady loud knocking. Rin pulls out another gun tosses it to me, motions for me to cover LJ.

With his hand, LJ motions that he’s going to unlock the door on the count of three. The countdown seems like an eternity. The lock is unlocked, and LJ steps back quickly. Both our guns aimed at the door, as the knocking ceases.

The door knob slowly creaks and turns. The door slowly opens, all of us in suspense not knowing what new player has been added to this game. Hell, to be honest-I still don’t know where the hell I am. As if this mystery didn’t have enough pot holes.

My gun drawn. Aimed steady at the door. It begins to creak open slowly. LJ’s gun fixed as well. The door opens more and more……


to be continued.


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