Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter 3)

Special shout out to  Conrad Kushman. Thank you sir for the great work you on your wrestling pod cast. Please people check him out on facebook and youtube.

Everything Pro-Wrestling


Also for those WWE games fans, who love e-feds. Google XGW


(and now our movie continues)

“Welcome to Everything Pro Wrestling. Everything Pro Wrestling is a show by the fans for the fans. I’m your host Conrad Kushman. Tonight we are here live in the XGW studios-with the XGW current champion Phillip Psycho Ice Timms aka The ICEMAN. And champ I have to ask you about the upcoming pay per view. Which is going to be at the All State Arena in Chicago. People I hope you have your tickets to see it live-if not you can always subscribe to the XGW Network for just 9.99 a month.”

I wasn’t fully awake, but I could hear the radio. My head was throbbing. Last I remembered I was in an office with two nuts and their well-dressed boss. And then BAM. Ninja went night night, like Kevin Hart says in his standup routine.

All I could hear was the voice of the wrestling champ talk trash about his competition. About how they could eat a dick, cause they didn’t deserve a shot at his title. And how they would even be lucky if he showed up to the main event. By the way he talked about his competition, degrading them and their existence –I could see why the called him ‘the iceman’.

The host of the show tried to get a word in edge wise, he failed numerous times. It was no longer the ‘everything about pro wrestling show’, it had become “Welcome to the ICEBOX”-well at least according to the champion.

Removing the black cloth bag from my over my face, I can see I’ve been moved into the back seat of a car. Sitting up, I can see Rin in the driver seat snickering as the champ continued his colorful rant. LJ was nowhere to be seen.

Our eyes meet in the rearview mirror. He smiles at me with a sadistic smile, before turning around to greet me.

“Well well sunshine….glad of you to join us.”

“Who sucker punched me”, I ask touching my forehead gently.

He laughs as LJ enters the car. They both sit there and begin listening to the broadcast.

“50 bucks says Iceman gets himself disqualified”, LJ says as turns up the radio.

Rin and his partner laugh at the continuing interview. I had no idea of how long I had been out or where we were. All I know is was its nighttime, and we’re huddled in a car like some stake out.

Suddenly the radio conversation fades, and I hear music. At first I couldn’t catch the melody. But after a few more moments I realized it was the ‘Contagious’ instrumental by the Isley Brothers. Even more strange the conversation between Rin and LJ, seemed more like a sing-song musical-opposed to an actual conversation.

“Can someone tell what the hell going on. And why we sitting outside this hoooome?”, I ask.

Covering my mouth, I wasn’t trying to sing-but it came out that way. They both looked at me like I had lost my mind.

“What’s wrong with this kid?, sang Rin.

Looking around, I say “The music-you don’t hear that shit?”

Once again, out of my control my words came out in song formation. They both stare at each other.

“LJ, Can yooooou believe this shit? Kid is nuts and hearing shit.”,Rin looks confused.

LJ smirks, “Well it could be brain damage-back at the office that was quite a hit.”

Rin takes the keys out the ignition, as LJ gets out the car. LJ opens the back door, motions for me to get out. The cold greets me as I take in the huge mansion before me. It looked to be about 20,000 square-give or take. But I can definitely say it was huge. It wasn’t the kind of mansion you see in a cheesy x-rated video late night BET UNCUT. It had a bit of class, and an old money kind of stink to it.

A full moon rests in the starless sky. On a good note the music stopped. Still with no real answer to where I was, and what was wanted with me-the last thing I wanted some crazy shit to happen. Walking into the iron and brick gate, I was taken aback by the actual beauty of the monster mansion.

“So who’s house is this?”, I ask.

Also I was relieved that my voice was normal again. No sing-song ‘glee’ bullshit. Neither of the men answered my question. We walk around the estate, no words were spoken. Rin walked casually, while nonchalantly swinging his bat. Playfully he would dance and twirl every few steps, and look back at me and wink. LJ walked behind me, lagged back a few feet. Wasn’t sure if he was looking for someone or paranoid.

We stopped at a side door. Rin looks in the window like a child looking at Christmas toy display. From what I can make out of the dark room-it was a kitchen. Further back on the property was a gorgeous swimming pool. The water gave off an indigo neon glow that was welcoming-even with the demon like gargoyles spewing water.

We enter through a hidden cellar door. Probably a secret entrance only the owner knows about. Going through what appears to be a wine cellar, and a few other dimly lit passages-before coming to main basement.

A fancy pool table was the center attraction, next was 80 inch HD TV off to the left. Rin continued to lead the way as if he was familiar with the layout of this place.  LJ did the same, seeing as I was the only odd man out-I kept silent.

We heard a few muffled sounds while we were in the kitchen. Rin sifted through the fridge and grabbed a fruity juice box drink. He tossed a few in LJ and mines direction. Three grown men wandering around a mansion sipping on juice boxes, like three kids on a museum field trip. First chance I get I’m going to find a way to escape. I’m going to find out what the hell is going on.

Stopping in the foyer, we heard some muffled moaning. All three of us look at each other confused. For the first time, a serious look comes over Rins face. We stand there a moment waiting to hear more sounds. In fact we hear a lot of more. Intimate sounds.

Rin trails up the carpeted stairs at a normal pace, no sneaking-no silly antics. He damn near marches with bat in hand. We anxiously move down the long empty hallway, stopping at one particular door. LJ grabs Rins shoulder, gives him a ‘what the hell is going on’ look.

Without explanation, Rin busts in the door. A light comes on, revealing two people in a bedroom. Both of them frozen like a deer in headlights on a dark country road.

To be continued……………………

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