Life with Avorey #1


Good morning, afternoon or evening, whenever or wherever this broadcast may find you.

We interrupt the following presentation of our movie “Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind” to bring you this commercial.

Here at KAKS CORNER, we believe that sometimes you need an uplifting word. A positive gesture to let you know-that everyone in life is not an a complete douche or a complete ass. At some point we all need an encouraging word, for the times we want to give up on this race we are running called ‘LIFE’. And so with that in mind-I’d like to leave you with the following:

Dear friends-old and new. To those who only text me when they need something. Those who only pop up in my life like some third rate bit Kramer from Seinfeld, or Kimmie Gibbler from Full House. Or any comedic stock character on a situational sitcom.

To the new friends and followers of this blog.

To the family, I have just sent divorce papers to. And told that I’m in witness protection, hiding from a Black Irish-Italian  mobster named Teddy ‘the fuzzy bear’ McStuffins

I’d like to pose the question.

Have I ever told you, how much you mean to me?.  How important you are? Yes you, you right now reading this. (For those who are seeing this and can’t read, an interpreter is available upon request.)

Have I told you that?

How much I’d like to sit with you, over a nice alcoholic beverage. Drinking with the expectation of listening and exchanging our hopes and dreams until the sun comes up. But realistically, probably blacking out after 15 beers and a couple shots. And then waking up hopefully not in jail and made a new friend named “Bubba”.

 Have I opened up my soul…and told you  how much I wanna hold hands and run on the beach with you?

If I haven’t then you know I’d never lie to you… .Cause my fat ass ain’t running no where.

Well folks that the encouraging inspirational word of the day.

We now return you back to our regularly scheduled movie.



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