The Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind (chapter ONE)

Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep…….?

To the very toes he is terrified,

Because the ground gives way beneath him,

And the dream begins……..”

Friedrich Nietzsche


I remember when I first saw that during the opening credits of “Freddy’s Dead.” It was 1991, and I was twelve years old. At the time, I was still young and impressionable-still finding my way in this chaos and fuckery in which we call life.

I just thought that was some deep, dark, gothic, philosophical shit to say. A saying that branded its essence to my fledgling, exposed, enthusiastic misunderstood mind. And the background music playing also played its part in making it memorable to me. Over twenty plus years have passed since I’ve seen that movie. And to be honest, I couldn’t tell you the name of that song to save my life. Hopefully me knowing the name of the song won’t be a factor in saving my life.

Pretty sure you’re all sitting here watching and wondering what does a creepy saying have to with anything at this entire moment. Well that brings me to my current situation.

I’m in a pitch black room, and that creepy saying is illuminating on the wall in front of me. The bright blood-red letters glow, like a hotel neon sign. You know the kind that you see in the movies that shine in through a window of some shitty hotel room. Yeah, exactly like that-and that song, is playing in the background.

The third thing I notice is that I’m handcuffed to a metal chair. My struggles are futile, as the handcuffs don’t give as I strain to get free. I still have no idea where the hell I am-or how I even got here. More importantly where in the world is here. Last I remember I was at a bar having a drink and shooting pool.

The music becomes lower, I hear footsteps-accompanied with a low grumbling. When the footsteps stop, the grumbling turns into the beginning of a slow sinister laugh. Due to the echo I can’t determine the origin of any of the noise.

Out of nowhere, a spotlight casts over me. It’s bright and unforgiving. My eyes adjust –but nothing is visible to me but the writings on the wall. Isn’t irony funny that way?

Dressed in jeans, and a black wife beater. Oddly enough no socks or shoes. So at this moment-lets recap. I’m in a dark room-that is now illuminated by a spotlight, and blood-red letters glowing with eerie music playing. And most importantly ….I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM

At this moment, what little sanity I rented-has now evacuated the area.

I’m really deciding if I should yell out, asking if anyone is there. But I don’t want to become one of the horror movie cliché’s that I mock relentlessly when I go to the movies. So instead, I sit for a moment, motionless-as if I really had a choice. I nod my head to the music and hum a bit. Wasn’t sure if I was being watched or tested. All I know is, I was at the mercy of whoever abducted me.

I decided I would not give them the satisfaction to yell, flip out and scream. To whomever had done this to me-I came to the conclusion I wouldn’t entertain them. No fear, no begging would be displayed for their sick minds to relish off of.

No fear shown at all, my pride and arrogance stood with me. Stood strong. Sitting there, humming with a dopey look on my face. I would not break. Pride and arrogance would see me through this situation.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s a bunch of bullshit. A whole minute passed after I decided not to give in and act a fool. Yanking against handcuffs that had no give, looking around frantically and grumbling like some wild beast.

When I finally gave up and stopped my numerous failed attempts at escape, I exhaled. Slumping in the chair I closed my eyes. I let the music invade my ears, let the melody wrap its spooky hands around me like that of a remorseful lover.

My breathing was calm and relaxed. Opening my eyes, I scream uncontrollably when I see two faces in front of me……………………….


To Be Continued.








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