Intro to the corner

The stage is set. The arena is much bigger than he anticipated. Peeking from behind the curtain, he can see the house is full. Lots of faces of all creeds, colors, races and nationality. In the crowd he can see a few faces he recognizes.

He walks on to the stage, his palms are sweaty. The feeling of nausea, comes and goes like a jaded lover. He gets a glimpse of how everyone is dressed, as the lights go low. Everyone looked to be dressed in their red carpet event bests, or sunday best-at least that was the appearance from the glimpse he got.

Feeling a bit under dressed for the occasion. Playfully he loosens his black tie, straightens his plaid shirt and ruffles his jeans-as he walks to the microphone stand. Tapping the microphone, causes a small bit of feedback.

“Good evening. My name is Avorey. Or at least, I THINK I am. Long story. I’ll get to that. Well a lot of you may know me as KAKTIS. Um, not sure what I should be saying here. Or how I got here. But I can tell you the journey here wasn’t an easy one. But I know this much…in life people aren’t always going to ‘get you’.

Be it how you think, how you view things, how you carry yourself and act. Be it your sense of humor. People may disown you or cut you off. But don’t let it break you, or bring you down. Be you. Because for every one person that may turn on you for whatever reason. There’s at least 2 or more people who ‘get you’ a little more, to replace those who couldn’t hang.

So with that being said…..I’ll begin my story of how this blog came to be…

“The Dark Chronicles of a Creative Mind”   Thank you. And I hope you all enjoy the show.”

The young man takes his leave off stage. The audience begins to mumble among themselves, as a large viewing screen lowers to the awaiting stage.  Anticipating what will be displayed, a hush falls over the curious crowd.

When suddenly someone yells out.

“Hey is it too late to go to the bathroom? I really need to go-do I have time.”

The crowd collectively lets out an hushing sound at the random person.

Filled with embarrassment, he slumps in his seat, “Sorry. My bad, I’m good. I don’t have to go-just thought I did.”



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